Maxima's passion is racing, and our philosophy is to produce the world's best high performance products. Our racing heritage is deep, and dates back over 40 years.
Dick Lechien ("rhymes with machine"), Maxima's co-founder, started his competition career in drag racing: Roadsters, Coupes, Dragsters, and AA Nitro-Methane Fuelers. Dick's exploits earned him world records, a #3 national ranking, over 2 years as Drag News' #3 Mister Eliminator, first dragster over 200-mph in his region, and much more.
At RG3 Suspension Inland NW, we strive to provide you with the best in suspension services and performance parts, such as our patented Four Post Rubber Mounted triple clamps, to our Smart Valve™. The same technology and products we use with our race teams, is available to you, and can be adjusted to your needs.
Sponsorship information

Endurocross racing is one of the most exciting extreme motorsports around. The people, the machines, the pits - everything at the race track makes for an electrifying environment for the fans and racers alike. As endurocross racing has grown in popularity, local and corporate sponsorships in racing is becoming an even more popular method of sports marketing for businesses and large companies.

As a promoter, our ultimate goal is to create a great atmosphere that the racer and fans can enjoy. Family, friends, racers and fans are why we do it in the first place, but without our sponsors, we wouldn't be nearly as succesful as we are today.

Sponsorship is about more than just putting stickers on a bike or hanging banners. It's about building reciprocating relationships to help the sponsors, racers and fans. Professionalism is very important and we spend a lot of time working with our sponsors to positively reflect them in every way we can. Professionalism both on and off the track is what we do.

In addition to advertising solely at our events, there are a variety of other forms of exposure that extend sponsor visibility beyond what most can offer.

While there's a lot of work involved, MRP's main focus of Endurocross is having fun. If becoming part of our team is something of interest, please contact us to find out more.
Rowand Machinery Company is locally owned and operated and has served the Inland Northwest construction and forestry industry since 1961.
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