MRP stepped out from underneath its Arenacross canopy and put on a few Endurocross events that suited talented riders that wanted to showcase their ability in front of large crowds without having to fly over massive 70' jumps. The angled log jams, tire mounds and tree dodging event, proved to be just what they ordered. The high energy and enthusiasm that is shared by riders and spectators towards this new found sport of Endurocross is contagious and addictive.

Pee Wee Kids Youth Small Bikes Big Bikes
  • 0-10 yrs old
  • Auto Clutches
  • 0-12 yrs old - manual clutches
  • up to 150cc (2 & 4 Strokes)
  • 13-16 yrs old
  • Any Bike
  • 100cc to 250cc 2-Stroke
  • 100cc to 250cc 4-Stroke
  • 250cc +

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  • Pro/Expert Class 1
  • Pro/Expert Class 2
  • Small Bike Beg.
  • Small Bike Bike Int.
  • Big Bike Beg
  • Big Bike Int.
  • Pee Wee Class 0-10 yrs old
  • Kids Class 0-12 yrs old
  • Youth Class 13-16 yrs old
  • Vet 30-39 (Non-Pro/Expert)
  • Vet +40 (Non-Pro/Expert)
  • Amateur Pre-Entry: $35.00
  • Pro/Expert Pre-Entry: $50.00
  • Post Entry add: $10.00
  • Crew/Pit Pass: $10.00
  • (after Practice, Pit Pass will be $15.00)